Yerrin family

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The Yerrins are a powerful and wealthy merchant family hailing from Feldemar, commonly considered to be the second richest family in all the Nine Lands, behind only the Draydens.


Before Roth's Landing

Roth's Landing

The Wizard Kings and the Dark War

Recent Years

Important members


Waviv is the current matriarch of the family. She considers the return of the Necromancer to be hearsay and dismissed Damaris' proposal to join him, prompting her to seek her own path.


Damaris is the head of a cadet branch of the family, who has broken away from the rest of the family to pursue her own goals.


Annis is the daughter of Damaris, but has renounced her ties to the whole family. She is a companion of the current Nightblade, Loren Nelda.


Notable locations