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A close-up of Xain, taken from the cover art of Darkfire.

Xain of the family Forredar is a powerful elementalist of the Forredar family, from Hedgemond. He is a recurring companion of Loren Nelda and long-standing enemy of the Drayden family.

Xain features as a main character in the first four books of the Nightblade Epic, appears briefly as a supporting character in the fifth book Weremage, and is a recurring antagonist in the first three books of the Academy Journals series.

Early life

At some point, it is presumed that Xain studied at the Academy.

Xain is a powerful wizard, and climbed high in the Underrealm politics. By the year 1312, he was living on the High King's Seat, and was (at least) in contact with the court of High King Enalyn.

Recent events

Warning! The following section contains spoilers for the Nightblade Epic and the Academy Journals.


Some time in the year 1312, Xain got into a magic duel with Drystan Drayden, a member of the court as well as the extremely powerful Drayden family. It is not known what exactly started the fight, but Xain implies that his son Erin was involved, and Xain acted to protect him. After the fight, Xain was forced to flee the Seat, before disappearing into the Birchwood of Selvan in an attempt to escape the High King's law that was now coming down on him. It was in the forest that he first met Loren Nelda, the young girl who would go on to become the famed Nightblade, as well as Xain's close friend.




The Alchemist's Touch


The Mindmage's Wrath

The Firemage's Vengeance