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MOS draft

1. Spoilers

  • Character spoilers should never be contained within the lead-in paragraphs of an article (the paragraphs before the contents table).
  • Character spoilers should be contained within the headings beneath the contents page.
  • Character spoilers should be marked by a warning label at the top of the section in which the spoilers are contained. (templates to come)
  • Pages detailing individual books and series of Underrealm should summarize the events of said books and series. The lead-in paragraphs of these pages should not speak about the events of the book(s), the characters involved or the locations visited, to avoid spoilers wherever possible. The lead-in paragraphs may however talk about the out-of-universe context of the book, such as author, year of publication, etc.
  • The plot of these books should be detailed in the main section of the article, beneath the contents.
  • Book and series pages should begin with a warning that the page will contain spoilers for certain books, and which books those will be. This will not always be the book which the page details alone. (The page for Mystic, for example, will likely contain spoilers for Nightblade.)
  • Spoilers should not be part of any other pages, if possible. Where it is unavoidable (such as a page detailing the out-of-universe context of a particular event, or the in-universe product of a certain event), spoilers should still be marked with a warning above the appropriate section, as with the other pages.

2. Character pages

  • Character pages should include a summary of events not seen in-media, a summary of events seen in-media, a section on their character and/or appearance, and a section (if applicable) on any real-world out-of-universe information or context that can be given on them.
  • Spoilers should be contained to the sections summarizing the character's story, and marked as applicable. They should be avoided in other sections (such as personality, appearance, etc) wherever possible.
  • Events pertaining to the character's past (before appearing in canon media) should be written in the past tense. Events pertaining to the character's story within Underrealm's canon media should be written in the present tense.
  • Artwork and quotes pertaining to or by the character in question may be included at the end of the article. Quotes may necessarily contain spoilers.

3. Book and Series pages

  • Pages detailing books will necessarily contain information about the plot of said books/series, and therefore spoilers for them.
  • As with other pages, spoilers should be kept out of the lead-in paragraphs, be contained within a section dedicated to "plot", and be marked with appropriate warnings.
  • Series and book pages may also include a contextualizing summary of events which occurred before and/or lead into the main arc of the article's subject, which will also likely be subject to spoilers.
  • Book and series pages should contain information about the characters within the story after the main section which details the plot.
  • Out-of-universe information pertaining to books and series will likely be contained in article introductions. Should a larger, more detailed summary of such information be required, it may come at the end of an article.
  • Finally, as with character pages, book and series pages may contain art or quotes pertaining to the subject matter where appropriate.
  • Remember to ask the artist for permission before uploading any fan art! This goes for any pages on the wiki, but notably character art (where it is most likely to appear). Artwork commissioned on behalf of Legacy Books (book covers, licensed comics, wallpapers) are the property of Legacy Books and are always available to upload on this wiki (unless stated otherwise; permission may be revoked at any time).

4. Non-speaking and historical characters

5. Locations, Events, Other Lore

6. Authors and Other out-of-universe pages

7. Grammar and formatting

  • Book and series titles should always be italicized.
  • As per the books themselves, all pages should be written in American English (AmE).