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Therianthropy, sometimes known by its more common name of Weremagic, is one of the four main branches of magic.

This branch of magic grants the individual with the ability to alter their appearance, physical traits, and voice to that of another living creature. This can range from other people the weremage (or therianthrope) has seen or animals or creatures they have encountered. It is required that they know what creature they are transforming into and so many study anatomy in order to evade any mishaps in their transformation. Only the most skilled therianthropes are able to combine their knowledge of anatomy to transform into great monsters or mixtures of other creatures (unconfirmed).

Open other weremages are able to sense the use of magic of other weremages, but some have honed their skills to keep remain transformed without being detected.

With their transformation powers, they also are able to heal wounds inflicted upon them as long as they are not fatal (unconfirmed).