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Strapa is a village in Selvan, similar to the Birchwood, located at the Southern end of the Greatrocks and a few hours ride South of Sunvale. It is a cluster of smallish buildings that joins Selvan's Westerly Road and the smaller unnamed road leading to Wellmont. No one can travel along the Westerly Road without passing through Strapa unless they plan to travel miles around the Greatrocks. Filled mostly with good people, Strapa is a trade hub for travelers and caravans alike, but that does not mean there are no thieves or pick pockets. It's always a good idea, no matter where you go, to keep an eye out for those around you who may find something you carry to their liking.

The town's streets are laid out from the center to the edge like the spokes of a wheel. Businesses at the center with houses spreading out to the edges. One such business is that of a small bowyer's shop, run by Albern Telfer. One of the four roads running from the center leads Northwest to a secret mountain pass through the Greatrocks. Though few travel upon it, for it is very perilous. The other three lead Southwest to Wellmont, Southeast, and North to Feldemar.