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The most recent cover art for Mystic, featuring Jordel of the family Adair.

Mystic is a book by Garrett Robinson, set in the world of Underrealm.

It is the second book in the Nightblade Epic, following Nightblade and preceding Darkfire. It is chronologically the second book to take place in Underrealm. Production on Mystic began in late 2014 and finished in January of 2015. The book was initially released in 2015, while the most up-to-date edition was released on February 4th 2017.


Unlike all other novels in the Nightblade Epic, the outlining for Mystic was done off-air, because Robinson thought that Vloganovel might have been stifling his progress. But beginning on 1st November 2014, Mystic returned to Vloganovel for NaNoWriMo.

Setting and characters

As with Nightblade, the entirety of Mystic takes places in the Kingdom of Selvan. Although the characters are almost constantly on the move, the city of Wellmont features prominently towards the end of the book. The small town of Redbrook and the Dragon's Tail river also appear.

Loren Nelda returns as the protagonist of the book, which picks up immediately where Nightblade left off. She is rejoined by Gem Noctis, Annis Yerrin, and Xain Forredar from Nightblade. Jordel Adair, the eponymous Mystic who was a minor character in the first story, becomes a semi-permanent companion to the Nightblade and features prominently throughout the book.

The Mystic Knight Vivien, a friend to Jordel, appears in this book for the first time. It is the only book of Underrealm to date in which she has appeared.

Wurts, tribal amphibious humanoids who live along the Dragon's Tail river, appear in Mystic. It is the first and only book of Underrealm in which they appear. The main wurt character, who accompanies Loren for a few chapters, is named Bubble.

Summary of events


Mystic immediately succeeds Nightblade and precedes Darkfire.