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Kal of the family Endil is the High King's Master of Spies, as well as the Grand Chancellor of Feldemar.

He appears in the books Shadeborn, Weremage, and Yerrin.

Early life

Not much is known about Kal's early life.

Early Mystic career

At some point, Kal became a mentor of Jordel Adair, likely while the two of them were stationed at Ammon. Shortly after Jordel's death in 1312, Kal laid in wait for Xain Forredar and Loren Nelda as they fled across the Dorsean plains. He eventually met them in the town of Brekkur, and after hearing their story, allowed them to travel to the Seat to meet the High King. Meanwhile, he returned to Ammon with Annis Yerrin, who went on to help him with planning and strategy for the duration of her stay with him.

At some point he also became High King Enayln's Master of Spies, though it is not known when he took up this mantle.

As Grand Chancellor of Feldemar

After the death of Qarad Drayden during the 1312 Attack on the Seat, Hollen Konnel ascended to the newly-vacant position of Lord Chancellor. Consequently, the position of Grand Chancellor of Feldemar was also empty, and Kal was promoted to the station.

Kal continued to operate out of Ammon as Grand Chancellor. Not long after acquiring his new position, Enalyn's new Nightblade, Loren Nelda, was placed under his command. Kal clashed frequently with Loren, as they disagreed over which of their enemies to pursue—Kal wanted to pursure Rogan, while Loren wanted to go after Damaris Yerrin. Kal likely also believed that Loren was too young for her position and did not respect his authority. Eventually, after Loren exposed one of Kal's mystics as an enemy agent, he allowed her to leave Ammon in an attempt to determine Damaris' location.

Restoration of Senlin Fei

When Kal discovered that the Nightblade had disobeyed his orders and had not only only found Damaris, but had assaulted her fortress of Yewamba and then pursued her across Feldemar and into Dorsea, Kal was enraged. He soon set out find and retrieve Loren. But by the time Kal had reached her in Danfon, Wojin Fei had successfully usurped the rightful King, Jun, with Damaris' help. Kal's mystics then assisted in the Nightblade's efforts to restore Jun's son, Senlin to the Dorsean throne, despite Kal's extensive anger with Loren.