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A close-up of Jordel, taken from the cover art of Mystic.

Jordel of the family Adair is a captain of the Mystic Order, and former owner of the fortress of Ammon. He is the brother of Trill Adair.


As a mystic and a warrior, Jordel shows himself capable in close as well as organised combat. He fights with a sword and sometimes with a dagger.

As a mage hunter, Jordel is capable of influencing the magical abilities of a wizard. At one point, he causes a wizard's magic to activate without the latter's consent. He does this by whispering something to the wizard (which other observers cannot hear).

Early life

Recent Events

Warning! The following section contains spoilers for the Nightblade Epic.





Per his description in Nightblade, Jordel has grey hair and blue eyes. Loren observes him as "not as young as she, but mayhap not much older than Xain" as well as possessing a "heavy wisdom that [weighs] in his eyes". He wears chainmail and steel gauntlets, though the rest of his clothing is not described. As a member and captain of the order of Mystics, he wears their signature dark red cloak and their emblem on a chain around his neck.


Warning! The following section contains spoilers for the Nightblade Epic.

Jordel is a capable warrior and a focused strategist. As evidenced by his treatment of the situation involving Xain throughout Mystic and Darkfire, he is capable and willing to put his mission before personal feelings in a dire situation. He has a strong conviction for doing what is right which trumps his loyalty to the Mystics. This is shown in his willingness to leave and betray them in order to get Xain to cooperate in his plan to save Underrealm.

In Mystic and Darkfire, Jordel shows an appreciation and admiration for Loren's strict pacifism and refusal to take a life, though he admits that he is not convinced of the same philosophy. He shows respect and admiration towards Loren and the children accompanying her, often taking the time to reason with them or teach them of complicated matters of combat and strategy. Though he takes the lead in their mission to get Xain to a position in which he can help stop the oncoming wars and destruction, he often takes their views into consideration without dismissing them.

In regards to Xain, Jordel shows a resentment and anger that stems from their shared past.

After Jordel's death, Loren and her party advance to the High King's Seat to deliver the news of the Shades on the premise that it is what Jordel would have done had he still been alive.


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