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Drevan of the family Nelda (died ~15th Augis 1312) was a forester, and father to the High King's Nightblade, Loren Nelda. Until his death, he lived in a village in the Birchwood with his daughter and his wife Elpha, and was known to be a cruel and abusive father.


At some point, he came into possession of a powerful mage hunter's weapon, which was outlawed by the Fearless Decree. It is likely that he (and perhaps his wife too) was a servant of the Necromancer, and possibly a Shade. He raised his daughter, Loren, in the Birchwood, and never left it after she was born, presumably on the Necromancer's orders. He would frequently beat and abuse his daughter, and was known not to like her.


After abusing his daughter Loren for most of her life, she attempted to escape him in 1312, at the age of 15. After he chased her, a fight broke out, in which she shot him in the leg as he tried to prevent her from fleeing. Though he survived the altercation and Loren had no intention of killing him, he later succumbed to his wound. This was exacerbated by his wife, Elpha, who argued with him when they returned. Elpha, who was also tired of Draven's abuse, attacked him while he was weak, twisting the arrow in his leg that Loren had shot him with. It is likely that this was the actual cause of his death.