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A close-up of Albern, taken from the cover art of Stone Heart.

Albern of the family Telfer is a bowyer living in Strapa, in the kingdom of Selvan. He is an expert archer who uses the Calentin style of shooting from the hip, and a former mercenary.

Albern is a supporting character in the Nightblade Epic, and a main character in the Tales of the Wanderer.


Growing up, Albern was trained by his family in archery and swordfighting, and he developed a talent for archery. A former mercenary, he is trained in strategy and organised combat.

While living in Strapa, Albern works as a bowyer in a shop that he owns. In Darkfire Loren observes the quality of his work, and he offers her a bow that fits her better than she initially thinks.

Early life

Albern was born and raised in Calentin. Prior to the events of the Nightblade Epic, he was a member of the mercenary company the Upangan Blades. There he met and befriended Mag.

Recent events


Blood Lust

Stone Heart